Mother of child with food allergy upset with local restaurant

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR – Kelly Chapman didn’t want to take her negative post about a local restaurant very far, despite their assurance at a recent dining that the food was safe for her 3-year-old son, with food allergies, to eat.

It apparently was not.

But when someone from Flamingo Family Restaurant, 22201 Ecorse Road, responded to her comment that if Chapman was that concerned, she should cook for the child at home, it upped the ante.

“They took it to another level,” Chapman said of the comment. “I now feel compelled to share this experience with others.”

The family dined at the restaurant earlier in September. Chapman said she told the waitress of her son’s food allergies. She further asked the waitress to verify that the plain bun-less hotdog and french fries were safe for child to eat.

“We were assured these items were in fact safe,” Chapman said, noting she went ahead and ordered them for her toddler.

A short time later, he began vomiting at the table. Chapman said they gave the child an antihistamine and took him home. His reaction worsened and the parents administered an EPI pen. They then called for an ambulance.

“Jack was taken by ambulance to our nearest hospital, and thankfully was saved,” Chapman said.

Chapman reportedly called the restaurant asking for the ingredients in the french fries and hot dog. They reportedly said they couldn’t tell her that.
“We were told, in these exact words, that ‘I can’t do that. Nobody here would know,’” she said.

Customer Toni Sitarski wrote via Facebook, “I’m glad the child with the allergy issue is ok, but the parents and NOT the restaurant is responsible for the child’s needs. EAT at home. Soon the government will make it a law for all food servers go to allergy classes or have a degree in nutrition.”

Messages left for the restaurant’s owner were not returned.

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