Courthouse murder mystery dinner supports Guild, Symphony

Oh, yes, there will be a murder at the 19th District Courthouse on Oct. 29. Will you be there to witness the scene?

It’s all about money, you know. It always is, isn’t it? The hearse from Howe-Peterson will be waiting.

Would you like to play a part? Perhaps you would like to be called upon to be a witness or maybe a jury member. A trial will take place in the courtroom after dinner. In the character role of Judge will be Susan Dabaja, the Defending Attorney is Ali Hammoud and the Prosecuting Attorney is Mayor John O’Reilly Jr.

Tickets for the interactive “Murder at the Courthouse” are $175 for dinner and show, and $300 for benefactors. Proceeds will go to the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra and Players Guild of Dearborn.

Reservations can be made by calling the Dearborn Symphony office at 313-565-2424.

Merchant’s Fine Wine will donate the martini bar — serving “The Smoking Gun” and the “Silver Bullet.” Westborn Market will donate the wine and Park Place Catering will serve up the dinner to die for.

It will be followed by a dessert station after the trial — compliments of Dearborn Sweets.

The plot is being written and directed by Brian Townsend of the Players Guild.

The chairwoman is Gloria Nycek; committee members are Ben Bachrach, Sandy Butler, Melissa Foster, Diane Kaplan, Mary Kosch, Richard Moore, Carla O’Neill, David Reynolds, Jan Smutek, EmmaJean Woodyard, Alice Wu and John Zadikian.

For more information, go to or call 313-565-2424.