3 Dearborn Arab-American websites hacked; hateful messages posted

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Police and the FBI are investigating the website hacking and propaganda message posting for three local Arab-American organizations.

The American Human Rights Council, American Arab & Muslim Political Action Committee and the American Muslim Leadership Council suffered the attack Sept. 15.

According to the message on the websites, they were “Hacked by MuslimsLeets … Muj4hida Muslmist Hacker.”

“Arise, O Muslims for jihad,” the posted message read. “This message for Muslims peoples! Our brothers in Syria & Palestine & Iraq & Burma & Chichan & Ifriquia & asia are dying Stop follow and imitate western people in Wrong culture And forget about your religion.”

Hackers also added, “This message is for The governments of all worlds! I do not admit to the Wrong law. My law is quran. We are going back. Asalamu Alaikum.”

The messages were up for less than three hours.

Novocan, the company used to host the websites, was able to restore the websites and remove the message shortly after.

“One of our servers came under a sustained attack by a radical Islamist group,” Novocain officials said in a statement. “The target of the attack was a human rights organization, however the attack was sophisticated and well planned. The hackers managed to gain access to one of the servers and remove 49 websites, those websites were then replaced with a radical propaganda message.”

Along with the Arab-American organization hackings, lawyers, a real estate company and doctors also were affected in the incident.

“We are surprised that we were attacked by these hackers,” AHRC Executive Director Imad Hamad said. “However, this attack does not intimidate us at all. If you work for promotion of human rights, it is natural that you would be hated and attacked by radical terrorists who hate human rights and the advocates of human rights.”

An IP address was traced back to Virginia and is being investigated in connection to the attacks.

(Zeinab Najm can be reached at zeinabnajm92@gmail.com.)