More KKK fliers appear

Sunday Times Newspapers

TRENTON – Mary Wilson has been called the “N-word” before and is fully aware of the Ku Klux Klan and what it stands for. She just didn’t expect to see the presence of either in her city.

On Sept. 4, fliers promoting the KKK and throwing around the “N-word” appeared for a second time in Trenton neighborhoods. This time the white supremacist KKK fliers suggested beating black men who look at white women, and other messages of hate.

While fliers in July were mainly to recruit for the Klan, according to Trenton police, the July batch didn’t make threats.
While walking his dog Thursday afternoon, a resident who preferred to remain anonymous, said he hadn’t seen the fliers but heard about them.

“It is just awful that in this day and age there is still so much racism,” he said. “The ‘N-word’ and such threats have no place in society.”

The fliers appeared before daybreak on Sept. 4. The practice is deemed “Knight Riding” by the KKK. They pass out fliers in the night, printed from the organization’s website. This is also a notice to all members in other states to do the same. All probationary members are required to attend Knight Rides.

Throughout the KKK website, it boasts it is a Christian group devoted to protecting the white race. The Klan rallies against non-white and gay people.

Wilson said people died to protect the First Amendment, “it is just a shame how it is manipulated sometimes.

“They have the right to call me a (‘N-word’) as much as I have to right to call them racist,” Wilson said. “But, really, what does any of that accomplish?”

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