Trio passes counterfeit bills at three local Taco Bell restaurants

black shirt purple shirt Lions jerseyBy SUE SUCHYTA
Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW – Police are looking for three men who passed counterfeit bills at Taco Bell, 18718 Fort St., Aug. 24.

The three men separate orders at at 4:40 p.m. using counterfeit $20 bills and left with $56.94 in change.

Two of the men placed food orders totaling $1.06 each, with the other order totaling $1.26.

Counterfeit bills were also tendered by the trio at Taco Bells at 22670 Allen Road in Woodhave and 10484 Pelham in Taylor.

The Riverview location provided photos from surveillance videos to police. The three black males were driving a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

At the Riverview location the first man wore a solid black shirt and gray jeans, while the second wore a blue Detroit Lions No. 81 jersey with jean shorts, and the third wore a solid purple shirt with tan jean pants.

Anyone with information about the identity of the suspects should call the Riverview Police Department at 734-281-4210.