DPS, police team up for traffic initiative

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Dearborn Public Schools and the Police Department are working together to encourage school zone safety throughout the year.

The initiative aims to remind parents that poor driving habits, parking violations and aggressive driving near schools create an unsafe environment for children.

Police and the district created safe pointers to reduce congestion and create good traffic patterns at dropoff zones.

Pointers include, dropping off and picking up children a short distance from the school, reminding children to cross at corners, no double parking and being mindful of crossing guards.

“We are fully supporting this initiative,” DPS Communications Director David Mustonen said. “The district is sending a letter home with students to promote safe and orderly school zones.”

Each school within the district sets its traffic rules and patterns, so parents should contact their children’s schools with questions, Mustonen said.
Children who live within the neighborhood of their school also are encouraged to walk, helping to relieve traffic congestion.

The Police Department will be in charge of enforcing traffic laws around schools to keep the areas safe.

Fines and tickets include $80 for blocking driveways and double parking, $250 and three points for stop sign violations, $250 and two points for failing to yield to pedestrians, $240 and three points for failing to yield to a school bus.

Disobeying a school crossing guard is a misdemeanor and comes with a $1,000 fine.

““Everyone is woking together because we can’t do it all alone,” Mustonen said. “The schools, police and parents are all coming together to create the safe environments.”

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