Molina Healthcare acquires Midwest Medical Center

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Molina Healthcare has made a move to become part of downtown east Dearborn by acquiring Midwest Medical Center, 4700 Schaefer Road.

Molina takes over the 24/7 urgent care, multi-speciality clinic, full service lab with diagnostics capability, radiology including ultrasound and mammogram and the physical therapy, occupational therapy and rehabilitation services.

“We are dedicated to the community and providing a high quality of healthcare to our patients and developing a a stronger preferred provider relationship,” Molina Healthcare Senior Vice President for Clinical Care Delivery Carrie Harris-Muller said.

All current insurance providers along with Molina will continue to be accepted at the center, and staff is now employed by Molina, instead of the previous Beaumont Health.

As of June 18, Molina has been overseeing the center’s services and no major staff changes are scheduled for the current employees.

Molina is planning to add new services including behavioral health, senior and primary care, creating new jobs in the future.
Talks for the acquisition began after Beaumont Health contacted Molina in January.

“They wanted to divest from the facility,” Harris-Muller said. “The center fits into our mission and it make sense for us to work with Beaumont Health.”

For now the center’s name will remain the same with no specific timeline for rebranding or a new name.

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