Dearborn man accused of luring 13-year-old into sending explicit photos, videos

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN  — A Dearborn man faces charges after he allegedly enticed a 13-year-old girl to send sexually explicit photos and videos online.

Randy Montante, 24, appeared in the Eastern District of Michigan in front of U.S. District Judge Anthony Patti Aug. 10 for an initial hearing on the complaint. He was charged with producing and receiving child pornography and engaging in the online enticement of a minor.

The mother of the girl, from Bayonne, N.J., said the relationship with Montante started in February on various social media networks. Once she discovered the situation in July, she attempted to send Montante text messages stating that his daughter was only 13 and to leave her alone.

She said that after the warning, the erotic messages continued from Montante, so the mother alerted police in New Jersey.

The complaint filed said the girl first told Montante she was 18 years old, but then clarified she was 13 multiple times. He still continued to communicate and ask for sexually explicit photos and videos.

A Bayonne Police Department detective took over and posed as the 13-year-old via Kik Messenger Aug. 2. When Montante was told again that she was only 13, he responded with, “A good friend of mine said if you like someone and it’s real, age doesn’t matter.”

Police said the conversations between the girl and Montante began with small talk after they met on the website Omegle. Messages then grew into requests and exchanges of explicit photos and videos.

The two also spoke via video chat on Skype, in the nude on several occasions, police said.

Multiple subpoenas were served requesting Montante’s AT&T telephone records, and social media and Internet information.

Photos from the 13-year-old’s cellphone were connected to Montante confirming he was involved in the case.

Montante was arrested Aug. 10 after a search warrant was completed at his house where a USB flash drive was discovered with photos and videos of child pornography.

He confessed to police that he did communicate with the girl and that she sent him sexually explicit photos and videos at his request.

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