Heights police find over 100 marijuana plants at house

Times-Herald Newspapers

HEIGHTS — Police arrested a Heights man after finding more than 100 marijuana plants growing inside his mother’s house Aug. 4.

Officers were in the 25000 block of Rouge River Drive on a call for an alarm at a neighbor’s house in the early morning when they discovered the operation.

Police Chief Lee Gavin said police were able to smell the more than 100 marijuana plants from the house next door.

As officers investigated the property, they found an 8-foot-by-10-foot swimming pool loaded with fertilizer, pot plants, watering system and private fence in the backyard.

Inside the house were more marijuana plants and lighting, police said.
A man about the age of 40 was arrested for the illegal operation which he ran out how his mother’s house.

Gavin said neighbors had been smelling the marijuana for a few weeks spreading throughout the block.

The investigation is ongoing and police are processing the collected evidence. Warrent requests have been filed with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office for charges against the man.

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