Charter change, commission rejected by voters

Sunday Times Newspapers

TAYLOR – For now the city’s nearly 50-year-old charter will remain largely intact, as voters on Tuesday rejected a general revision of the document and establishment of an elected charter commission.

The proposal garnered 2,720 no votes – 55 percent of the ballots cast – against 2,262 in support. Of the city’s 44,283 registered voters just over 12 percent participated in the Aug. 2 primary election.

The proposal was the only local issue on the ballot, along with mostly uncontested county, state and congressional offices. Voters also strongly supported millage renewals for Wayne County parks and the Detroit Zoo.

Earlier this year proponents of a commission to review the city’s municipal guidelines, including an effort by “Change the Charter Change Taylor,” launched a petition drive to put the question before voters. Supports said the nearly five-decade old charter is in need of updating, revisions or even overhauls of areas affected by changes in state and federal law.

Critics, however, said the charter has been updated as needed through amendments and revisions, and that the proposed commission and project would be costly to residents.

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