Church noise meeting characterized by spirited debate

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW – A meeting of Metro City Church representatives and Cranbrook Street residents about amplified noise concerns met with spirited debate but ended on a positive note, City Manager Douglas Drysdale said.

Drysdale met at the city municipal building June 27 with Ken Bussell and Greg Cahalan, church elders of Metro City Church, 17760 Fort St.; Cranbrook residents Christopher Benedetti and Florian Nowicki; Police Chief Clifford Rosebohm; and Community Development Director Dave Scurto to bring the church and neighborhood parties closer to consensus over noise and vibration concerns.

Drysdale said the meeting was informative.

“The church (representatives) and residents have agreed to meet again (regarding) complaints while they are happening,” he said. “In addition, the church continues to explore methods of reducing the noise.”

Church representatives reported that an acoustical engineer studied the sound and vibration from different vantage points inside and outside of the building. They offered to share the report with residents when they receive it.

Both sides exchanged cell phone numbers, Drysdale said, so if the residents experience unwelcome noise or vibrations, they can call a church representative to come to their house and experience what they have heard and felt on Cranbrook for the past six months.
Bussell offered to go inside a house when a church service is being held so he can experience the vibration and sound volume from the residents’ perspective.

Drysdale said church representatives agreed to explore the possibility of installing a noise buffer wall west of the church between its parking lot and the Cranbrook residents’ backyards.

“All in all, I think there is some movement on working together between the two groups,” Drysdale said. “We will continue to offer our assistance where it is needed.”

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