Crestwood approves Arab American student union

Times-Herald Newspapers

HEIGHTS — The Crestwood Board of Education approved the formation of an Arab American student union May 9 at a board of education meeting.

The group of Arab American students had attended meetings where community and civil rights leaders spoke in favor of the union.

“Students just want to celebrate their heritage and have the opportunity to be part of the school’s curriculum,” Arab American Civil Rights League Chairman Nasser Beydoun said. “There are Spanish and French clubs, so it should be no issue for an Arab-American union.

“The student union leaders wanted to establish the club for Muslim and Arab-American students before they graduated. Board members realized that the students weren’t going away and they ran out of excuses.”

Crestwood High School senior Mohammed Hojaij said the student union was only seeking a classroom for one hour, one day a week at the school.

The student union will celebrate and spread the Arab American culture by hosting events or activities and volunteering throughout the community.

Board Trustee Donna Ancineck cited a district moratorium on the formation of new clubs as the reasoning behind the delayed response.

The students are planning the Arab American student union and hope it continues on at the school for future students.
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