Fresh air

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK – An exhaust removal system for the Fire Department, park shelters and playground equipment will soon offer access to fresh air thanks to government grants, City Administrator Mark Kibby said.

Fire Chief Doug LaFond requested approval from the mayor and City Council April 21 for approval to accept an Assistance to Firefighters Grant for $65,000 for an exhaust removal system.

The grant requires a 10 percent match, which Kibby said at the May 4 Receivership Transition Advisory Board meeting is in the budget for the next fiscal year.

“It’s definitely needed,” Kibby said. “That is one of the items that is in the capital improvement plan. It is just perfect timing. We’re due for that once in a while.”

Boccabella Park, 4598 Regina, received a Wayne County allocation grant for $54,346 for a shelter and playground equipment from the county’s 2014-15 budget.

Another allocation grant for $80,000, will provide new playground equipment at Millward/Rotary Park, 5505 Pleasant.

The Allen Park Kiwanis Club will help fund a shelter for the Harold Duda Tot Lot, 7500 Park Ave.