Anonymous survey reveals issues within Dearborn Police Department

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — An anonymous survey has revealed the thoughts of Dearborn Police Department employees after a critical review of the department.

The survey, obtained by WXYZ-TV Channel 7 April 28, was mailed to 180 police officers, lieutenants and sergeants who work within the department.

Of the 124 employees who responded, 109 rated the morale of the department at a 3 or under. None responded with the highest rating of 10.

When asked about what they would change, employees listed the police chief and management as the top issue.

“Fire the chief and prevent any of the ‘yes men’ he has surrounded himself with from being promoted to Chief,” one comment read. “Restore the integrity of the hiring process. Multiple officers have been hired in recent years despite background investigators strongly recommending that they not be hired.”

Some reasons listed for what is driving morale down included lack of support from administration, leadership, low manpower in patrol division, unethical hiring of new recruits, lack of training and mismanagement of resources.

Mayor John O’Reilly said the complaints made by employees were invalid and not responsible.

“The survey was an amateur and dangerous attempt to identify characteristics within the department,” he said. “It was done unprofessionally with no real pattern or analysis, instead offered discontent opinions on the department.”

The survey was not sent out by the Police Department, city or police union, but by an outside party, O’Reilly said.

Police Chief Ronald Haddad said he has not seen the survey and did not want to comment.

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