Out with the bang: Fireworks on hold for 2016

Sunday Times Newspapers

TRENTON – With regrets at the loss of a community tradition, city council members approved a recommendation to cancel the Fourth of July fireworks display due to a lack of sponsorship.

City Administrator Jim Wagner said the absence of a sponsor for 2016 would have left the city responsible for the cost of the spectacle, estimated as at least $25,000 if contracted through Ace Pyro, the company which has provided the pyrotechnics since 2012.

Parks and Recreation Director Joann Gonyea confirmed the news. In a memo to Wagner, Gonyea said Fritz Enterprises had been faithful sponsors of the event, which had become one of the largest fireworks displays in the area. Providing a similar event without an underwriter would, she said, be too large an expense for the city’s current budget.

“Given the size and scope of the displays over the last few years, producing a comparable display in 2016 without sponsorship would be prohibitively expensive,” Gonyea said. “It is my recommendation that we forgo this year’s display and re-evaluate our options in the coming year.”

Gonyea said the city will look instead to producing “more affordable fireworks displays” at community events such as the Trenton Summer Festival.

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