Handicapped man’s van stolen, not yet found

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — Linwood Hendricks, 80, first thought his custom handicap van was towed, but within a short time he realized it was stolen.

Hendricks, who lives in Bishop Co-op, regularly parked the van in a parking lot next to St. Patrick Catholic Church, 135 Superior Blvd. It was parked there when he last drove it on March 24, and on March 29, it was gone.

The van that offered Hendricks mobility, also had a television, Bose stereo, skylights and custom wheels. But most importantly, it was equipped with a lift for Hendricks’ wheelchair.

“It hasn’t been recovered,” Police Chief Dan Grant said Tuesday.

Grant said the thief may or may not have known the van was for a handicapped person.

“Sometimes they don’t even care about that,” Grant said of thieves. “Some vehicles are just easier to steal.”

He said thieves might use such a van for drug deals or a place to live.

“We feel for anyone who has their car stolen, especially a disabled person,” Grant said.

The van was insured.

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 734-324-4405.

(Tereasa Nims can be reached at dstreporter@gmail.com.)