Property Maintenance and Development Services Department created out of re-organization

DEARBORN – People wanting to make improvements and invest in their homes and businesses in Dearborn may experience better customer service with the reorganization of two critical city departments.

Mayor John O’Reilly Jr., with approval from the City Council, moved forward with transforming the Residential Services Department into the Property Maintenance and Development Services Department.

The PMDS Department will continue to be responsible for inspecting homes that are for sale, and for inspecting and registering rental property.

Through its Neighborhood Services/Sanitation Division, the PMDS Department also will continue to be responsible for compliance of and education about property maintenance codes.

The responsibilities of the newly named department now also will include some services formerly housed in the Economic and Community Development Department. The PMDS Department will perform inspections when commercial buildings are re-occupied, as well as conduct interval inspections at commercial buildings.

In addition, the PMDS Department will now oversee plan reviews and issue building permits for both commercial and residential properties.

“Our department is committed to consistently improving our service delivery, while concurrently improving the quality of our inspection, plan review and permitting programs,” said Nick Siroskey, director of the PMDS Department, and director of the former Residential Services Department. “We want to make it easier for our customers to obtain inspections and permits and reduce waiting time.”

In order to provide stability and continuity of staffing in these important areas, 10 part-time positions gradually will be condensed into six full-time positions, among other staffing changes.

With this staffing level, it is expected that the capacity of the department will increase, which will also mean a corresponding increase in revenue.

“By combining the residential and commercial services staffs, and converting 10 part-time positions into six full-time employees, we will create a more stable working environment,” Siroskey said.

“It will allow us to cross-train employees and align processes for both residential and commercial customers that will provide a more consistent and better quality service.”

The Economic and Community Development Department will keep its name and Barry Murray remains the director.

ECD will continue to oversee business recruitment, grant administration, and the Housing Division; and coordinate activities of the West Dearborn Downtown Development Authority, East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority, Dix-Vernon Corridor Authority, and the Warren Avenue Corridor Authority, among other activities designed to promote the city’s overall economic vitality.