City asks residents for website feedback

Times-Herald Newspapers

HEIGHTS — The city is asking residents for their feedback to create a better website for its residents through a survey.

Councilwoman Lisa Hicks-Clayton put together the citizens engagement survey in January after she received complaints about the current website.

All data from the survey will be collected and shared with the administration to decide what improvements are needed.

The website description reads, “A brief survey to assist with the analysis of the City of Dearborn Heights website measuring effectiveness, citizen engagement opportunities, assessment of accurate, current and beneficial information for the citizens of Dearborn Heights.”

The entire survey features 12 questions and a comment section at the end. Questions asked are, “How often do you come to the D.H. website looking for something you need?” “Did you find what you are looking for?” and “How likely are you to recommend our website to a friend or colleague in the future?”

Residents are also asked to agree or disagree with various statements like, “The D.H. website is easy to use, I am able to find what I need quickly on this website and the information on this website is valuable.”

“There have been complaints and concerns that information on the city’s website is not current,” Hicks-Clayton said. “We need to take a look at some suggestions including using the website to better promote our community including attracting new businesses and economic development.”

The city commissions also have asked for more exposure on the website in order to “better fulfill some of their missions and need serving the residents of the city,” Hicks-Clayton said.

No deadline has been set for the survey.

“We encourage residents to participate so that way we can take that data, compile it and share it with the administration,” Hicks-Clayton said.

To fill out the survey go to
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