Hoverboard seller ends up with counterfeit cash

Sunday Times Newspapers

MELVINDALE – A teen selling his Hoverboard on a Facebook swap-and-sell page was duped out of the board and left holding $220 in counterfeit cash.

The teen’s father drove his son to McDonald’s, 4100 Oakwood Blvd., where he was meeting the potential buyer, described as about 16 years old, black and wearing a hooded sweatshirt. The father said the buyer arrived on foot. The father waited in the car while his son made the exchange.

The victim told police he let the buyer try out the Hoverboard inside the restaurant. The buyer then handed the seller the money.

Once the seller had the money in his hands, he told the buyer that the money “felt funny.” That’s when the suspect ran out of the restaurant with the board in hand.

“I then tried to catch him but he ran down the alley behind McDonald’s,” the victim told police. “I attempted to Facebook message him but he already blocked me on Facebook.”

Police confirmed that the money, two $100 bills and a $20 bill, were counterfeit.

Authorities are investigating the incident, including examining the video surveillance from the restaurant.

(Tereasa Nims can be reached at dstreporter@gmail.com.)