DTE Energy prepares customers for gas renewal program

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — DTE Energy hosted a public meeting Jan. 28 informing residents about the upcoming gas renewal program for Dearborn residents.

The Gas Renewal Program aims to improve the reliability and safety of the natural gas service provided to Dearborn residents and DTE customers.
During the meeting at Henry Ford Centennial Library, 16301 Michigan Ave., DTE Construction Manager Tyrome Turner said work would begin in February for customers.

“We will complete as much work as we can on the outside of the homes before entering,” he said. “We plan to work with residents to schedule times where it is convenient for them to enter their homes.”

The first phase includes areas bounded by Ford Road to the north, Prospect to the south, Mercury to the west and Miller to the east, and Warren to the north, Ford to the south, Chase to the west and Miller to the east.

A letter in English and Arabic will be sent to residents in the areas DTE plans to conduct its work.

Turner said replacing natural gas infrastructure including steel mains and service lines for the entire city should take about two and a half years to complete.

DTE also plans to install and relocate new natural gas advanced meters from inside to outside of houses.

“The process begins by pulling out the streets, digging into the ground and pulling out the pipe and install a new main,” Turner said. “Outdoor meters locations will be determined by the construction style of the home.”

Benefits include fewer gas leaks, improved response time by having meters outside, minimizing of estimated meter reads, less customer inconvenience and comprehensive inspections and maintenance work on meters that have been installed outside.

“The program is essential because it will stop the current patch work,” Turner said. “The systematic method will reduce placing band-aids on gas issues.”

All work by DTE will be done at no cost to customers.

Dearborn residents with questions can call DTE Energy at 313-256-6227 or the city at 313-943-2073.

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