Melvindale to make offer on former Palmer School site

Sunday Times Newspapers

MELVINDALE — City Council members emerged from closed session Dec. 16, unanimously agreeing to make an offer on the former Palmer Elementary School from the Melvindale-North Allen Park School District.

The council wouldn’t elaborate on what the city will do with the property.

The school, which stood at 19127 Palmer St., was leveled years ago and is being used as green space. The school is one of the district’s six defunct schools.

Council members agreed not to pay more than $95,000 for the property.

Resident Rachel Lennon said she doesn’t appreciate the secrecy.

“I recently moved here from Detroit and I expected, well, I guess I expected things to operate more openly than they did in a larger city,” Lennon said.

Former Melvindale resident Christy LeVeque, who was visiting for the holiday and now living in Florida, weighed in.

“I think tight-lipped politicians are prevalent,” she said. “None of them really want to tell you what they are doing with your (taxpayer) money.”

Both, however, agree it will be interesting to find out what the city wants to do with the green space.

The council meets again at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 6.

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