Students disciplined for threat letter

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Three Stout Middle Schools students were disciplined after leaving a threatening letter in a student’s locker Dec. 14.

When eighth-grader Brianna Lyons opened her locker that morning, she found a handwritten note with a threat to kill her and her family.

The letter read, “I know where you live. I know the street address. Everything one day I’m gonna come and kill you and your whole family. If you think I’m joking try me…”

Lyons reported the letter to the office, where administrators contacted her parents and police regarding the incident.

Police and the school were able to identify the three students involved in writing the letter. The three boys were disciplined.

The student who wrote the letter was expelled from the school and the other two boys were suspended.

The motive behind the students sending the letter has not been determined.

Police are further investigating the incident and criminal charges are still possible.

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