Two neighbors stop would-be robber

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A 50-year-old Detroit man said he was cold and searching for a warm place, but it was 54-degrees and he was wearing a heavy coat when confronted by a man whose house he was in.

Upon attempting to enter a second house, he was confronted by the homeowner at gunpoint.

Noel Oviedo was charged with first-degree home invasion in connection with a Nov. 26 incident in the 100 block of Mulberry and the 2100 block of Fourth Street. He is jailed on a $25,000 10 percent bond.

Police Chief Dan Grant said Oviedo has several drug and home invasion charges.

Oviedo allegedly entered the garage adjacent to the house on Mulberry. When the owner found the suspect standing at the entry to the house, the suspect gave a man’s name and asked if he lived there.

The homeowner said that person didn’t live there and the suspect left. The homeowner called 911 and followed the suspect while still on the phone with a dispatcher. He told the dispatcher that the suspect enter a closed garage on Fourth Street. The caller then alerted the resident of the house about the suspect.

Both men confronted the suspect, then the Fourth Street resident reportedly went to get a handgun and kept the suspect there until police arrived.
When officers arrived, they detained the man with the gun and confiscated the weapon.

Grant said the man holding the gun is “definitely not” in trouble. He said the homeowner had the right to show the weapon as long as he didn’t injure or use lethal force against someone who wasn’t using lethal force against him or someone in the household.

He said one can’t legally injure or shoot someone unarmed or isn’t threatening one’s life or the life of someone around them.

Both residents said nothing appeared missing.

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