Motorcyclist remains hospitalized after trying to outrun police

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – A Taylor man was hospitalized after trying to outrun police and coming to a stop after plowing into the rear of an occupied vehicle.

Police Chief Dan Grant said the motorcyclist’s injuries are not life-threatening, but are significant. Thus he hasn’t yet been charged with the incident.

The Downriver Crash Team and Michigan State Police are investigating the Nov. 26 high-speed police chase through Wyandotte, into Riverview and back to Wyandotte where the man crashed his motorcycle into a car.

Police heading south on Fort Street near North Line Road about 10 p.m. reported a suspected drag race beginning between a motorcycle and Ford Mustang. The officer saw the motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic and the Mustang lagging behind, but apparently trying to keep up.

Both vehicles met up at a stoplight at Eureka Road. The officer reported the motorcycle driver looked over at the Mustang driver and nodded his head.

When the light turned green, both vehicles sped off in front of the officer, who was close behind. The officer attempted to stop the motorcycle, reporting that the rider looked at the officer and then accelerated. However, the Mustang driver slowed at the sign of the lights and blaring siren.

The officer continue pursuit of the motorcycle, heading south on Fort Street at speeds up to 90 mph. Meanwhile, the motorcyclist reportedly was weaving in and out of traffic. At King Road, the driver pulled into a parking lot and proceeded onto westbound King Road in Riverview.

The motorcycle drove into a parking lot, reportedly trying to elude the officer. The officer followed him through the lot and back onto westbound King Road. The biker then turned north on Grange Road, which dead ended, and reportedly drove behind a nearby building and a short time later saw the motorcycle heading east on King Road.

The officer continued pursuit, but the distance between the motorcycle, caused the officer to halt the chase.

Another officer spotted the motorcycle on Eureka Road and Biddle Avenue a short time later. The driver was stopped at a red light and apparently noticed the officer behind him and drove through the red light and the officer activated his lights and siren. The officer lost sight of the motorcycle for a moment and caught sight of the driver just as he crashed into another vehicle.

The driver and passenger in the car were not injured.

The motorcycle driver was tossed from the bike, coming to a halt about 200 feet from the crash. When police arrived, the driver was conscious and moaning. He was taken to Beaumont Hospital — Dearborn.

The Mustang driver arrived at the scene and asked how the motorcycle rider was doing. The officer asked him if he was driving the Mustang and he admitted he was. Police arrested him and impounded his car parked nearby.

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