Residents voice concerns, questions during coffee with mayor

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE – Nan Wesser has lived in the city for 84 years and 11 days and regularly attends Coffee and Conversation with Mayor Joseph Peterson.

“To get educated,” Wesser said of her monthly attendance, “I’ve been coming since it began several years ago.”

Wesser said the monthly event, held the third Friday of almost every month, “is very healthy.”

Peterson said people can talk about whatever they want.

Fred Milewski, who resides in the same house he has lived in since his birth in 1952, comes to nearly every meeting.

“It is pretty much the same people that come every meeting,” Milewski said. “This is a good for people who don’t want to come to the city council meetings or people who can’t attend.”

Residents attending the Nov. 20 meeting said sometimes the topics are redundant, complaining about the same thing every month. Yet, sometimes there are new concerns.

One resident commented on how good the city decorations looked, and another wanted to know why the hospital parking lot was blocked off. Peterson explained the parking lot was being repaved.

Peterson said there won’t be a December meeting. The next Coffee and Conversation with the Mayor is set for Jan. 15

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