City takes steps to address coyote sightings

Sunday Times Newspapers

TRENTON – Public safety officials acknowledged that coyotes are likely responsible for having attacked and killed several pets in recent weeks. Police have responded to resident reports and sightings, and are asking that pet owners take extra caution.

City officials, according to a statement, “are taking measures to minimize the threat of a coyote attack,” and that the city’s natural features – including Elizabeth Park – attract wildlife. Both the police department and animal control staff will continue their efforts, and ask that residents contact police in the event of a sighting.

Residents are advised to accompany their pets while outdoors, and ensure that trash containers are covered or closed at all times. Feeding pets – or wildlife – outside is discouraged.

Concerns have increased since a widely-reported incident in September, when a woman’s pet Pomeranian was taken by what was believed to be a coyote from an apartment complex on Van Horn Road and killed in a nearby field.

For information or to report a coyote sighting contact Trenton police at 734-676-3737.

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