Snow accumulation of 3 inches or more must be cleared from sidewalks and ramps

DEARBORN –  The city recently revised its ordinances involving snow removal.

Instead of just ticketing delinquent property owners, the city can now step in and remove snow or dangerous ice. Property owners would then get a bill from the city for the abatement plus at least a $75 additional fee.

The penalty to property owners will increase with each offense, with the fourth violation in a calendar year resulting in misdemeanor charges.

City ordinances give property owners 24 hours after the snowfall has ended to remove accumulations of 3 inches or more or any dangerous ice from public sidewalks and ramps leading to crosswalks.  If multiple snowfalls add up to 3 inches, then the same rules apply.

Abatement and enforcement will be a priority in areas heavily travelled by pedestrians, such as those near businesses or schools or on walking routes to those areas.