Towle still not offered Riverview Council seat

Sunday Times Newspapers

RIVERVIEW – Despite city officials having a moment of silence for late City Council candidate Mark Drysdale, he still has until Nov. 20 to answer an acceptance letter for a vacant seat, Mayor Tim Durand said yesterday.

When resident Dino Papadopoulos asked the council at at its regular meeting yesterday why Bill Towle — who finished next in line to Drysdale in the Nov. 3 council election — hasn’t been offered the seat vacated by Councilman Andrew Swift — who was elected mayor — Durand said because an acceptance letter was sent to Drysdale and he has until Nov. 20 to answer. Durand implied that Drysdale’s death doesn’t change the waiting period.

Durand said the clerk will respond accordingly after Nov. 20. He never stated Towle would or wouldn’t receive a letter.

Drysdale died Nov. 10. Prior to his death, the city clerk sent an acceptance letter allowing him 10 days to accept Swift’s vacated council seat. Drysdale was the next highest vote getter not securing a council seat.

According to the city charter, he was the next in line for the position. The charter states if that person rejects or is not able to fulfill the duties, it goes to the next highest vote getter until someone accepts or the list is exhausted.

Towle said he is anxious to accept the position when it’s offered.

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