Striz reined as Melvindale mayor

MELVINDALE — Mayor Stacy Striz, 37, is the youngest mayor in the Downriver area and will remain so for another four years as she held off a challenge from former Councilman Matthew Boufford.

It was a very close mayoral race, but in the end Striz 587-394.

Council incumbents Wheeler Thomas Marsee Jr. with 611 votes, Carl Louvet with 554 votes, Nicole Barnes with 588 votes, and David Cybulski with 524 votes, will retain their seats, and will be joined by newcomers Michelle Land with 562 votes and Dearborn Deputy Fire Chief Steven Densmore with 492 votes. All of them beat out Matthew Ball with 424 votes.

Densmore is the former Melvindale fire chief, but following the merger with the Dearborn Fire Department is now employed by the city of Dearborn. Since he is no longer employed by the city of Melvindale, but rather one of the city’s contractors, he was eligible to run for council.
Marsee received the most votes, and therefore will serve as mayor pro-tem.

A total of 1,029 of the city’s 6,991 registered voters (14.72 percent) turned out for the election.