DPS embracing technology with paper free meetings, blogs

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DEARBORN — Dearborn Public Schools is making a push toward technology use within the district and board meetings.

During the Oct. 12 Board of Education meeting, Supt. Glenn Maleyko announced the board discussed going paperless during future board meetings.

“We’ll actually have either iPads or Chromebooks for the board so we will not have the paper in front of us,” he said. “We will still have the paper option initially as we phase it in.”

The district will also stop handing out paper copies of the board agenda for those who attend the meetings. Instead the agenda will be displayed on the TV screens.

The board’s agenda will remain available on the DPS website.

“Were hoping to phase it in by next semester,” Maleyko said. “It’s an initiative we’d like to do to support our green school initiative and to eliminate the usage of paper.”

Maleyko also presented his plans for expanding the district’s blogs as part of his 90-day plan.

“I am leading by example,” he said. “I have a blog. I’ve been out there, putting information out. I would tell you that my blog is not the most important blog, it’s good to have that positive information.”

DuVall Elementary Principal Robert Attee presented a timeline to implement the school and teacher blogs within the district.

“The goal of the blogs is to continue the ongoing comminutions with parents, students and community stakeholders,” he said.

The content of the blogs will include an updated staff directory, information about each school’s history and improvement plan and weekly teacher posts.

Teacher posts will feature upcoming events, homework, newsletters, reminders, tips, pictures of school events, college readiness links and assembly highlights.

“The more important blogs are the school and teacher level especially,” Maleyko said. “The reason I say that is that’s where the curriculum and instruction goes on. The blogs are another aspect or way to keep parents informed by telling them what’s going on for the week.”

Building blogs will be active by October with teaching blogs fully implemented by February.

“We’ll be holding professional development workshops to teach how to update and add information on blogs for employees in October,” Attee said. “From December to May the district will provide troubleshooting assistance as well.”

By October and November staff blogs will be linked to school webpages and each school will have one staff member to designated to assist with troubleshooting blog related issues.

“In May the district will survey parents, students and community stakeholders for ideas to improve the blog system,” Attee said. “By June the board and district will evaluate the effectiveness of the blog initiative.”

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