Man charged after ‘road rage’ confrontation

Sunday Times Newspapers

LINCOLN PARK – A man who chased a woman who was driving her child to school and crashed into her vehicle has been charged in what police described as a “road rage.”

Colon Lowery III, 32, of Melvindale was arraigned in Lincoln Park’s 25th District Court Sept. 28 on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and felonious assault.

According to police reports, a 43-year-old woman stopped at a red light on northbound Lafayette near Southfield Road while taking her son to school when her 2012 Dodge Equinox was nearly hit by a 2012 Dodge Avenger allegedly driven by Lowery. He was “driving recklessly,” the woman said, and she rolled down her window and told him to be careful.

The woman said Lowery turned into a car wash, and then followed and passed her while driving at a high rate of speed on Lafayette. He pulled in front of her and began pumping his brakes.

The woman said that Lowery then appeared to be turning right onto Euclid, but instead turned back onto Lafayette and intentionally rammed into the passenger side of her vehicle. He continued to accelerate and pushed her vehicle to the corner of the intersection where it struck another vehicle.

Lowery drove away but was soon located by police. According to reports, Lowery said the officers were racists, were only arresting him because he was black, and began to shout obscenities.

A check with the Law Enforcement Information Network revealed that Lowery’s driver’s license was suspended.

Police and prosecutors also requested habitual offender charges for Lowery, who remained in custody awaiting a preliminary examination of the evidence against him.

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