Justice Department concludes no wrong doing by Housing Commission

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK — The U.S. Department of Justice determined on Aug. 25 that “no further action is warranted at this time” against the city’s Housing Commission, which was accused of discriminatory housing practices in May 2013.

“While we were surprised by the complaint we are not surprised by the outcome of the investigation,” said Andrew Hill, executive director of the Housing Commission in a press release.

It was alleged that the Housing Commission used unfair practices that made it hard for black applicants to obtain low income housing at the Leo Paluch Housing Center for seniors.

The complaint that was filed accused the commission of using a highlighter to mark applications from blacks to prevent them from obtaining housing.

Hill said the complaint was “unsubstantiated.”

The Department of Justice reviewed thousands of documents during the investigation and conducted many onsite interviews before coming to this decision.

According to a statement released by the Housing Commission takes these matters very seriously. The staff is regularly trained in admission procedures and that Hill has been specially certified and trained by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights.

“We are glad to have had this matter thoroughly investigated and to report to the community that it has been concluded with no further action,” Hill said.

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