Cynthia Pepper named city Human Resources director

DEARBORN – The Civil Service Commission appointed Cynthia Pepper as the city’s new Human Resources director.

Pepper is principal and founder of the Dearborn-based Pepper Consulting Group, LLC, where she led organizational change, talent management and best practices in human resource programs at businesses and universities across the United States.

In her 35 years of HR leadership, she has coached numerous high-ranking executives and small businesses to become more successful. She also has extensive community experience as a volunteer, including a decade-long stint on the Dearborn’s Local Official Compensation Commission.

“I am very pleased to have an opportunity to bring to the city of Dearborn the best practices in human resources from the public, private and non-profit sectors across the country,” Pepper said. “I am joining a great HR team and believe there is much we can accomplish.

In selecting Pepper, commissioners cited Pepper’s extensive career as a principal and licensed counselor and her outstanding leadership experience in far-reaching community involvement, as well as in major for-profit and non-profit organizations.

“Ms. Pepper has both broad and deep experience and knowledge with many different walks of life in the human resource arena,” said Jim Peitz, a Civil Service Commissioner on the selection committee. “She freely transferred information to us during her interviews and was very comfortable doing it. She stood out from several other very qualified candidates. The fact that she is a longtime Dearborn resident is a bonus.”

Pepper began her career with counseling. She was inspired to focus her career in human resources because, “I was always interested in why people make the decision about how they want to spend their lives, and I wanted to help organizations make those choices fulfilling for people.”

Pepper is a frequent contributor on business issues in trade journals and on the radio. She is a contributing author to two books, one of which is “Lessons in Changing Culture: Learning from Real World Cases.”

She was a delegate from Michigan to the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business and co-chairwoman of the National Committee on Human Capital.

Her undergraduate work was at the University of Michigan in psychology and her graduate work included animal behavior at Bucknell University and counseling at Eastern Michigan University.