Gail Shenkman retires from DPS

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Associate Supt. Gail Shenkman will be leaving Dearborn Public Schools soon.

Supt. Glenn Maleyko announced Shenkman’s retirement during the DPS Board of Education meeting Sept. 14.

The board accepted Shenkman’s retirement after working with DPS for 27 years. She has worked in the district’s central office since 2008 after serving as principal at Woodworth Middle School and Dearborn High School.

“I would like to congratulate Dr. Gail Shenkman on her retirement,” Maleyko said. “I know she’s done a great job over 27 years. I wish you all the best and I thank you for all the positive things you have done over the years for the students in the district.”

Shenkman is moving to San Diego to accept a position as assistant director of California Advancement Via Individual Determination. She said she had been searching for a job in California to be closer to her grandchildren and family.

“I just want to thank the board, Superintendent Maleyko, parents, students in the community, especially parents for trusting me to work with your children over the last 27 years,” Shenkman said.

She also praised Dearborn as a district.

“I’ve enjoyed being in Dearborn and enjoyed doing really important work,” Shenkman said. “I feel that I have been to contribute. I appreciate the trust the district has given to me and make a difference in students’ lives.”

Board President Roxanne McDonald spoke about Shekman’s importance to the district’s programs.

“I just have to say that she has been instrumental in the many outstanding programs we offer our students,” McDonald said. “She has done an outstanding job for our students in this district and we are a much better district because of her leadership and efforts.”

Trustee Mary Lane spoke about the impact Shekman’s work will leave on the district.

“She’ll leave us, but she leaves behind a collection of work that is enviable for a lot of people,” Lane said. “She knows education in and out. Gail has cared so much that there was programs for all kids.”

Trustee Mary Pelichkoff praised Shekman’s work and passion for the students.

“Her first and foremost, efforts were going towards the success of the students,” Pelichkoff said. “They were always her mission for any program that she came up with and she always thought outside the box for these solutions.”

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