D7 committee, board discussing sex education curriculum issue

Times-Herald Newspapers

HEIGHTS —The Dearborn Heights District 7 Board of Education is in the process of updating its sex education curriculum.

The district’s committee, which includes parents, teachers, students and community members, brought the revised curriculum to the board during a public hearing Sept. 1.

The committee was unable to decide to eliminate or keep the male birth control demonstration. The demonstration would include the use of a condom, but the rest of the teaching method would be decided by the teacher assigned to the class.

“We want the committee to fix the specific language of the new curriculum,” D7 Supt. John Frazer said following a Sept. 15 board meeting. “The current recommendation told teachers what they could and could not teach.”

Frazer emphasized his concern for how the current curriculum was worded.

“The board didn’t want to approve the proposed curriculum because of the way it was written” he said. “We want to approve the policy, not how the teacher can or cannot teach the policy.”

The discussion will be revisited at a committee meeting at the end of the month and brought back to the board for evaluation and approval.

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