Wyandotte teen wants baby, fakes pregnancy

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A 16-year-old Wyandotte girl is accused of faking a pregnancy for 10 months , with the help of the website fakeababy.com.

Police said the girl got caught up in her lies when she supposedly became full term and never delivered the triplets she claimed to be expecting.  Her  parents originally contacted police Aug. 27, because the girl had been receiving threatening  emails regarding the triplets that she told them she miscarried and refused to go to the doctor.

A police officer was sent to their house in the 1700 block of Superior to perform a “well-being check.”

“We do them all the time. Mostly on the elderly,” Police Chief Dan Grant said. “If someone calls us stating that they are concerned for someone’s well being, we send a car out to check on them.”

The girl originally told officers she had miscarried a couple of months prior and had gone to Teen Health, 26650 Eureka, in Taylor and had a dilation and curretage procedure done without her parents’ knowledge. She told police that she had not been given any paperwork.

Detectives pursued the case and checked with Teen Health, which informed them that they would never perform a procedure on a minor without the parents’ consent and that they always gave paperwork.

When she was confronted with this the girl tried to spin some more lies, police said, but with repeated questioning she eventually broke down and admitted to faking the pregnancy with the help of the fakeababy.com website.      The website promotes itself as having “the best gag gifts on earth.” It offers customers products such as fake pregnancy bellies, prescription bottles, and ultrasound pictures.

Since this incident the website founder, Michael Bob Stevens, issued the following statement on the sites homepage:

“I personally want to ensure everyone this website is very obviously intended for entertainment purposes only. When and if we hear of someone using our products for any other reason, we will not only support any law enforcement, the offending parties’ information will be made transparent to bring that party to justice.”

The girl said she was pregnant and lost the baby at six weeks. She said wanted a baby so bad, so she tried again to get pregnant and when that didn’t happen she faked a pregnancy.

She told people around her she was pregnant with triplets, that she named Ivan, Alice, and Isabella. She also received lavish gifts from a baby shower that was thrown in her honor and several charitable organizations.

Charges will most likely not be filed against the girl, Grant said, because no one has come forward to accuse the girl of a crime.

“We’ve heard from Nobody,” Grant said.

The girl could have been charged with “obtaining money under false pretenses,” which could have been a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount of money taken, but Grant said she most probably would have been charged has a juvenile.

The girl’s family told police they are all going to be receiving counseling because of this incident.

“It was just a well-being check that has gotten blown out of proportion,” Grant said. “There was no crime. Just a well-being check. Just a girl that lied.”

(Charity B. Smith can be reached at charitybsmith@yahoo.com.)