DPS kindergarteners will participate in soft start

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Dearborn Public Schools kindergarten students will have the chance to adjust to a new educational environment through the soft start program.

Through the program, kindergarteners will attend the first week of school for only a half day where they will spend the time getting to know their classmates and teachers.

“Kindergarteners will attend part time the first week of school so that they will adjust to the many things that they encounter during that first week of school,” DPS Executive Director of Elementary Education Jill Chochol said.

Time spent during the soft start will include teaching new kindergarteners how to get in line, how to get a drink, how to find the bathroom, how to order lunch and locating different rooms within their school.

The rest of the day will be used by the teachers to meet with parents or other teachers to to discuss student achievement goals for the school year.

The soft start program will begin with the school year on Sept. 8 and continue through the first week.

“Lots of change for the little people,” Chochol said. “The goal for the soft start program is to ensure a successful start for all of the students.”

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