City undertakes anti-littering campaign in business districts


Photo courtesy of the city of Dearborn. A cleanup crew tidies up Michigan Avenue in downtown east Dearborn.

DEARBORN –  The city’s downtowns are cleaner because of  efforts to clean up trash and prevent littering in the business districts.

Over the summer, city crews have removed more than 600 bags of trash from east and west downtown, focusing on parking lots and the storefronts along Michigan Avenue. Efforts rescheduled to continue into the fall season.

Additionally, the city partnered with the West Dearborn Downtown Development Authority and East Dearborn Downtown Development Authority to install litter prevention signs and additional trash receptacles in several city-owned parking lots. Signs aim to curb littering in the districts by reminding visitors to “put litter in its place,” and that littering is illegal, punishable by a $500 fine.

Similar programs are under way in the Dix-Vernor and Warren Avenue districts, with plans to place additional trash cans and install signage in those areas.

“We’ve noticed a marked improvement in the appearance of our downtowns because of our efforts,” said Sean Adams, sanitation supervisor.

Along with the placement of signs, the next step is to target the areas where littering is a problem with enforcement of the law.
“Our team has collected data on where the hot spots for litter are, and the next step is to coordinate with the Dearborn Police Department to monitor and ticket litterers in these areas,” Adams said.

While cleanup and enforcement efforts continue, the most important thing that residents can do to help stop litter from spreading into neighborhoods and business districts is to follow Dearborn’s rules for property maintenance, city officials said.

Residents and businesses should always make sure that trash placed in city-issued trash carts is bagged and tied. This prevents trash from blowing out of the cart. Additionally, property owners should always keep their own yards free of trash and debris.

Lastly, residents and visitors to Dearborn can to do their part to keep the city clean by always disposing of waste in trash receptacles when visiting local business areas, officials said.