Biddle Blend’s into Wyandotte community


Photo by Charity B. Smith. Jason Oder, co-owner of Biddle Blend, 3203 Biddle, stands behind the counter at his newly opened restaurant.

Sunday Times Newspapers

WYANDOTTE — A popular American pastime is the enjoyment of cafes and coffee shops. It seems that no matter where you go in this country you can find either a major coffee chain outlet.

They seem to be a popular place for people to study, hold meetings, read, or just relax. While corparate chains seem to be heavily trafficked, said Jason Oder, owner of Biddle Blend, 3203 Biddle Ave, they do not offer the “personalization,” “classy, homey feel,” and they lack frequent “direct community involvement by the owners.”

Biddle Blend, is a small coffee shop and cafe, located in the heart of downtown Wyandotte, that also features a small banquet center
“We’re shooting to be a destination to bring people into downtown Wyandotte,” said Jason Oder.

Oder, 41, and his girlfriend, Joyce Fisher, 34, of Southgate co-own the business and our more often then not behind the counter serving customers. Biddle Blend, which opened to the public July 4, offers customers the same coffee satisfaction in a community-friendly atmosphere. The store features a waffle and oatmeal bar in the morning, as well as a lunch and dinner menu, and a selection of coffees and teas.

“I had a customer from England order our English breakfast tea and thought it was so good, that she came back and told me that it tasted just like the tea she gets back home in England,” Oder said.

The cafe also has Zumba classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights at 7:15 p.m. in the upstairs banquet facility. The cost of the class is $6 per session.

Wednesday nights are biker nights, where anyone with a motorcycle can gather. Fridays and some Saturdays offer live music, performed by local bands. The bands perform for tips and sell CDs starting at 7 p.m.

“We are still growing,” said Oder, who has many more plans for the business.

He wants to have an open mike night, but is trying to find an experienced open mike night coordinator to assist in establishing one. He also would like to do a “first Friday event.” Wyandotte currently has numerous business participate in the city’s Third Friday events by featuring specials and events on the third Friday of the month. Oder would like to do something special on the first Friday of the month as well.

The atmosphere of “The Blend” is ever changing. The decor rotates on a regular basis. Some of the decor is shown on consignment basis, such as tea pots and guitars.

“Customer service is what we are focused on,” Oder said, and his guests seem to sense that.

“It’s lovely,” said patron Pat Barnes of Wyandotte. “Very friendly service. Good coffee. Nice decor.”