Resident designs Dearborn Snapchat geofilter

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — For resident Hussein Kain, putting Dearborn on the Snapchat radar was an important mission.

Kain, 19, set out to design a geofilter and contact Snapchat support to get it on cellphones all over the city.

The social media application Snapchat allows friends to send and receive photos and videos across the world. The geofilter feature is a fun way to share where users are through filter overlays on the screen.

Geofilters are specific to neighborhoods and special locations.

Unique designs of Geofilters change place to place, but users can find them in cities around the world.

“I’ve been wanting to email Snapchat for a while about the possibility of having a geofilter in our area, but I never really got to it,” Kain said. “One day I was in Canton and I saw that even they had a geofilter, and that’s when I really wanted to make one for Dearborn.”

Kain emailed and submitted his design to Snapchat support July 27 and received an answer Aug. 4.

“I didn’t really know how the whole process worked, so after a few days passed, I thought that the geofilter wasn’t going to be approved,” he said. “A week or so later I received an email saying that the geofilter was activated.”

Kain said he was in shock and ecstatic when he got the news.

“The best part was when I saw my friends using the geofilter I designed,” he said. “It was surreal.”

Kain is an International Business student at Henry Ford College and got the idea for the design while working on a brochure design he liked for one of his classes.

“When it comes to graphic design, I like simple flat interfaces and I’ve always been a fan of subtle elements with no gradients,” he said. “I don’t like flashy colors so the shade of blue I used on the brochure, I also used for the geofilter.”

With one design completed, Kain plans to send Snapchat more of his designs for more Dearborn geofilters.

“I started working on a few more designs that should be finished within the next few weeks,” he said. “They’re more relatable to the Dearborn area too.”

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