Halal deli coming to west downtown Dearborn

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — Downtown west Dearborn will have its first halal deli come mid-September.

Downtown Deli, 22018 Michigan Ave., was an idea imagined by residents and co-owners Mohamed Mehanna, 29 and Danny Saghir, 30.

Mehanna is a financial analyst while Saghir is in his sixth year as a certified chef for Greektown Casino.

“We’ve had the idea for a long time but did not feel the timing was right until now,” Mehanna said. “People’s tastes are evolving and they are looking for new halal options that have never been available before.”

Downtown Deli will be the first in the country to offer house made halal deli meats all made on site, including corned beef, pastrami, roast beef and turkey.

“Danny will be running the deli and oversee the meat-making process,” Mehanna said. “We will be brining our own meat for up to 14 days and will use our special blend to season the meat and then oven roast and freshly slice everything.”

The deli also will offer tuna, vegetarian sandwiches, house made deli salads and desserts. A full menu is still being developed.

“Others are looking for exciting ways to eat the food they have always known so we are bringing that to them with a twist,” Mehanna said.
The deli joins many other businesses that have opened their doors in downtown west Dearborn.

“We chose west downtown Dearborn because we wanted to be a part of the revival of our favorite area in our beautiful city,” Mehanna said.
“We’re not far from east Dearborn or Dearborn Heights, so it is convenient for all of our customers to reach us.”

A central location was important to both Mehanna and Saghir.

“We are going to be in the center of all our customers’ paths,” Mehanna said. “We are very close to all the working class in the city such as Ford, the train station, police station and administrative building are right in the neighborhood.”

Downtown Deli is undergoing minor construction on its interior.

“All the main construction is done on the building, there is only minor things needed to be finished before we open,” Mehanna said. “The landlord completed a beautiful brand new patio in the back of the building and opened it to Monroe Street.”

For more information go to facebook.com/downtowndelidearborn.

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