Heights women start meal prep company


Photo by Zeinab Najm. PrepUpMeals2Go owners Fatme Amin (left) and Howraa Bazzi started their company to provide healthy, precooked meals to their clients and promote healthy living. The company offers customers a variety of halal meals, snacks and desserts weekly.

Times-Herald Newspapers

HEIGHTS — Starting any company is risky, but for two Dearborn Heights women, it was a risk they were willing to take.

Owners Howraa Bazzi and Fatme Amin set out to begin their meal prep company, PrepUpMeals2Go, just last month. They started taking orders on March 9 and have already built up have a wide range of clients.

“We started the company from personal experience which we gained from meal prepping for our friends and families,” Bazzi said.

Meal prepping involves preparing and planning meals or snacks in advance for the day or week. The goal is to create a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits by controlling portions.

“Our goal is to get people to eat clean and live a healthy lifestyle,” Bazzi said. “Making the food halal helps our community embrace meal prepping and better eating habits.”

PrepUpMeals2Go offers a variety of low fat food and meal options to fit the needs of its customers.

“We make clean halal, healthy portion-sized meals,” Bazzi said. “We also take custom orders from our clients.”

Those meals include stir fry, chicken breast, salmon filets, chicken fattoush and assorted vegetables.

One meal a day for five days costs $47.50, two meals a day $82, three meals a day $120. Salads are $6.50 and snacks cost 75 cents each.

Snacks include a raw unsalted nut mix, vegetable cups, yogurt cups and fruit cups.

To place orders, customers can call Bazzi at 313-622-3105 and Amin at 313-830-0302 or by email at prepmeals2go@gmail.com. Meals are delivered weekly on Tuesdays.

Future plans include a website and expanding the business and clientele.

For now Bazzi is happy with the company.

“I love meeting new people and seeing the result and impact our meals have on them,” she said.

(Zeinab Najm can be reached at znajm@bewickpublications.com.)