Teenagers vandalized Heights car dealership

HEIGHTS — Police are searching for a group of teenagers responsible for vandalizing about 30 vehicles April 5 at La Marina Auto Sales, 8830 Telegraph Road.

The four teenagers were caught on surveillance video destroying vehicles by smashing the car windows with cinder blocks. The teens also kicked the mirrors and headlights of the vehicles.

The teens caused $10,000 worth of damage in 20 minutes and even captured the vandalizing on their cell phones.

“They could have done something else on Easter than spending time doing that,” La Marina Auto Sales owner Gus Farias told WDIV. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets to Instagram or something like that.”

The incident has police looking into another car vandalism that occurred in the same area as the dealership with a possible connection.

Farias is offering a $1,000 reward for information in connection to the vandalism or the teenagers involved.