New policy aims to provide quicker resolution for trash issues

DEARBORN – The city will implement an accelerated process to deal with violations of specific trash rules, beginning the week of May 3.

Residents are asked to follow the rules for setting out trash and other materials to keep neighborhoods attractive.

Starting on May 3, specific rule violations could cost a homeowner a minimum $75.

The new policy states when the city contractors cannot complete trash collection at a home because of a rule violation, they will leave a notice to explain why.

Materials remaining at the curb after collection day will be considered discarded, abandoned and subject to abatement by the city without further notice.

By midnight of the trash day, residents of that home must remove the items that were left uncollected at the curb.  They can remove the items themselves or they may call the city for a special pickup.  A minimum fee of $55 will apply.

However, if a city Neighborhood Services inspector finds the materials still at the curb the following day, the city will collect the items and, without further notice, will assess a minimum fee of $75 to the household in violation.

To avoid penalties, residents should pre-schedule special pickups. This can be done by calling 313-943-2433. A special pickup can be requested for excessive trash, recycling, yard waste or bulk items.

Residents may also take items not collected at the curb to the DPW Yard the third Saturday of every month for free disposal. The yard, 2951 Greenfield, is open 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Extraordinarily large move-outs, excessive construction debris, or other items may not be eligible for special pickups. Private contractors are responsible for hauling away their own debris. Private Roll-Off dumpsters and disposal service may be required at the homeowner’s expense.

Properly containing and setting out waste material ensures neighborhoods are kept safe and clean. Failure to follow City codes for waste disposal will result in sanitation collection notices of violation and, if not remediated, fines.