Hit-and-run suspect held for police

Sunday Times Newspapers

TRENTON – Police patrols can’t be everywhere at all times, and sometimes residents step up to lend officers a hand, although police officials would prefer a little more caution.

Two men were credited with apprehending a Woodhaven man who allegedly left the scene of a crash and holding him for police.

According to police reports, two vehicles were involved in a crash shortly before 9 a.m. March 31. Witnesses told police a green truck made a wide turn, drove over a curb and nearly hit several people who were waiting outside the Michigan Secretary of State office at Trafford Square.

The driver, a 19-year-old Woodhaven man, continued trying to make a turn but struck a parked vehicle. A 65-year-old man inside the parked car was injured, and later treated by Trenton first responders.

The driver then took his keys and ran from the scene. A man and his son who had been among the people nearly hit by the truck chased down the driver and caught up with him on the south side of Van Horn. They walked the man back toward the Secretary of State office, where they turned him over to responding police.

During the investigation, officers discovered a glass marijuana pipe in the man’s pocket. He was transported to the police station and cited for reckless driving, possession of drug paraphernalia and leaving the scene of an accident.

Trenton Director of Police and Fire James Nardone said the actions of the man and his son were admirable, but the situation could have ended with a less favorable outcome.

“We certainly appreciate the assistance,” Nardone said. “But we would ask residents to leave it to the professionals instead of intervening.”

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