Mayor, city clerk get pay raises

Times-Herald Newspapers

DEARBORN — The Local Officials Compensation Commission gave raises to the mayor and city clerk recently while keeping the base pay for councilors the same.

Mayor John O’Reilly Jr’s. salary will go from $131,133 to $137,690 in 2015 and $144,575 in 2016. City Clerk Kathy Buda also saw an increase from $72,555 to $76,183 in 2015 and $79,992 in 2016.

The LOCC said the mayor was fine with his current salary while the clerk told the subcommittees that she was looking for a slight increase.

There was no change in the salary for the council president or council members. The stipend pay will increase from $93 to $100 per meeting for up to 70 meetings per calendar year.

The LOCC held three meetings this year discussing the salaries of the mayor, city clerk and city council members. According to the state law, the commission must meet every other year and discuss the salaries of local officials in Dearborn.

The LOCC compared the city’s financial information, studied that information and considered the pay of elected officials in other cities when making a decision.

The commission had 45 days to determine if the officials would receive pay raises, reaching their decision on Feb. 5.

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