Allen Park fuel pump unlocked again

Sunday Times Newspapers

ALLEN PARK — Despite city officials saying it would remain closed, the gate to the fuel pump behind the Fire Department is again unlocked, upsetting city residents and some council members.

A check of the gate over the weekend showed the gate to be unlocked.

It’s unknown if any fuel was taken during the unsecured time, yet, some city residents are upset.

“Fix the Gasboy system and you won’t need a lock,” resident Mark Gahry said. “Each employee will have their own code. They you can leave all the gates open.”

Gahry blames lack of leadership and said the lack of money is no excuse.

Another resident, Mike Mullins, suggested to city officials in a letter on Nov. 13, that the city uses a gas card like the city of Romulus.

“This is part of why we are in debt,” resident Bobby Rome said of the city’s situation. “Maybe (former Emergency Manager) Joyce Parker should come back. She might be able to fix this situation.”

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