Police Blotter 1-11

Police-Blotter-3headAllen Park

I didn’t see the pole

Police arrested a 25-year-old Monroe woman Jan. 1 after she ran her car into a light pole in the 16000 block of Southfield Road. An officer heard the collision about 4 a.m. and when arriving at the scene witnessed the woman’s car with heavy front-end damage and deployed air bags.
The woman said she was on her way home and was trying to start the car after hitting the pole, but it was too damaged to start. The woman refused medical treatment. Police said the woman’s eyes were glassy and bloodshot and she smelled of alcohol. She first denied drinking then told the officer she had a drink after work.
In addition to the crash, the woman had numerous warrants and a suspended license. Her blood alcohol level was .13. The legal limit for drunken driving in Michigan is .08. She was arrested for various warrants and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Scrap metal stolen

Thieves walked away with about $100 of scrap transmission and rotor parts between Dec. 30 and 31 from Rogers Transmissions, 19215 Van Born Road. The owner said the building’s gates and doors were locked when he left at 6:30 p.m. Dec. 30, but discovered the front gate chain cut when he opened at 8 a.m. Dec. 31.

Icy roads play role in damage to two police cars

Icy roads coupled with a speeding driver led to minor damage of two police cars Sunday night.
The officers were on southbound Southfield handling another incident when the crash occurred. Neither officer was in his vehicle when a driver heading south on Southfield about 8:30 p.m. slid into one of the cruisers, bounced off, then rammed into the other cruiser, police said.
The driver was cited for excessive speed during icy conditions. Both officers were able to drive their vehicles back to the station.


Man arrested over burglary tools

Police officers were on patrol in the area of Ford Road and Wyoming Avenue Dec. 30 when they noticed a vehicle with defective tail lights on. The red Pontiac Grand Prix, also had dangling ornaments causing obstructed vision.
Police pulled the car over on McGraw in Detroit and asked the passengers for identification, but one didn’t have any with him. He verbally identified himself to police, who searched and found a warrant under his name. The man was than arrested for possession of burglary tools and placed under a $750 bond.

Retail fraud at Walmart

Police responded to Walmart, 5851 Mercury Drive, Dec. 31 after receiving a call because of an attempt to steal portable DVD players.
After they arrived, police spoke to the loss prevention officer who said she saw the suspect in the electronics department. The loss prevention officer said the suspect selected two Philips portable DVD players, valued at $258 and walked to the vacuum isle where he put the items in a Walmart bag he already had with him.
The suspect than continued to walk past the registers without paying for items and exited the store where he was apprehended by store employees.
He was arrested and placed under a $400 bond for larceny and also had a warrant for another larceny incident with a $1,000 bond.

Dearborn Heights

Propane tanks stolen from CVS

A CVS/pharmacy manager called police to the store after he noticed missing propane tanks from the cage in which they are usually stored.
The store, at 25762 Van Born, keeps the tanks outside the front of the store on the west side of the building.
The manager noticed that 13 Blue Rhino propane tanks were stolen, each valued at $59.99. He said they were missing on the night of Jan. 5.
The cage was broken into, with what appeared to be some form of pry device.
There is no information regarding the thief.

Over $300 taken from Family Dollar

Police were dispatched to Family Dollar 3543 S. Beech Daly, Jan. 6 for a report of larceny.
The store manager told police she noticed that a deposit of valued at $307.27 her boss gave her was missing from Jan. 4. She realized the deposit was missing from the front counter when she was called to the front of the store by another employee to help a customer.
While watching the surveillance video, she noticed a man take the deposit. The man then fled the store in an unknown direction.
The thief was described as a 50-year-old black man wearing a blue jacket and black winter coat
The manager told police she will save the video from the larceny incident for detectives.

Lincoln Park

Man awakens to would-be burglars

Police are looking to match evidence found at a house in the 300 block of North Shore Drive to suspects wanted for attempted burglary.
According to police reports, a man called 911 at 3:15 a.m. Jan. 4 after waking up to see an unknown man who had opened a bedroom door. The man said he’d heard sounds, but at first thought it was a friend who often spent the night before the door opened and he saw one of two men who’d entered the house through an empty bedroom’s window.
The two men were last seen running from the house, and disappeared in a back yard about five houses south of the targeted residence.
Responding officers were told that a TV in the second bedroom had been moved — nothing appeared missing — and investigators obtained several fingerprints from on or near the TV. Police noted a description of the suspects, both about 5 feet 10 inches tall and medium build, and are investigating.


Louis Vuitton and ornaments gone

A woman reported $3,500 worth of Louis Vuitton items and Christmas ornaments stolen from her locked storage in the 23900 block of Outer Drive Tuesday. The woman said she noticed the items missing at the end of November. In addition to $200 worth of ornaments, she said her $270 Louis Vuitton cosmetic case and $1,500 Louis Vuitton garment bag were taken. She suspects other tenants.

Preparing for spring

A man called police when he realized his lawn equipment was missing from his house in the 24600 block of Outer Drive Jan. 4. The man said his lawnmower, weed trimmer, a suitcase with clothes, a die cut machine and a sewing machine were all missing.
Police saw a shoe marking on the side door of the garage and a neighbor heard a loud banging before noon.


Assisting Southgate

Police dog Reno assisted Southgate police Dec. 21, for a vehicle sniff at Garrison Lane near Dix-Toledo Road. The Southgate officer suspected marijuana in the 2003 Ford Taurus. Reno alerted to drugs, and marijuana was found in the car’s console.
Police further found an estimated 8 ounces of marijuana in the trunk of the car.

Hit-and-run at Rivergate

Authorities were called to the Rivergate Health Center, 14041 Pennsylvania Road, when a Taylor woman reported a hit-and-run. She said she left the center at 3:30 Dec. 25, and found scrapes on her 2014 Ford Escape. She said it was in good condition at 6:45 a.m. when she parked the vehicle.


Tires, gun stolen from car

Police are investigating the theft of four tires and rims from a parked Ford Taurus, along with a semi-automatic handgun that had been locked in a glove box.
According to police reports, a man had parked and locked his car in the driveway of his house in the 13000 block of Courtside Way about midnight on Dec. 29. At 7:45 a.m. that same day, he noticed that the vehicle was resting on landscaping bricks, and that four stock tires and rims of unreported value had been stolen.
The car’s rear passenger window had also been smashed, and a black .45 Citadel handgun and two filled eight-round magazines had been stolen.
Police checked the vehicle for evidence, listed the missing weapon in the Law Enforcement Information Network, and are investigating.


Grab and go thief nabs wallet

A woman eating breakfast reported the theft of her wallet by a young man who ran out the door and fled on a bicycle.
Police responded at 10:45 a.m. Jan. 2 to staff at McDonalds, 10236 S. Telegraph, who said that a man in his late teens or early 20s had taken a woman’s wallet and left the store.
The woman said her wallet was sitting on the table and the man — who store employees said had been loitering for some time without buying anything — walked past her, grabbed the wallet, and ran outside. Inside were her identification, credit cards and about $250 cash.
Video surveillance was not operational at the time, although police said the system has since been repaired. Police noted a description of the black man, about 5 feet 10 inches tall with a medium build wearing a dark grey hooded sweatshirt, and are investigating.


Unlicensed woman held for drunken driving

Reports of a reckless driver shortly before midnight on New Year’s Eve ended with a woman in custody for what may be a third drunken driving conviction.
About 11:30 p.m. Dec. 31, patrol officers responded to the area of West Road and Fort Street, where a 2010 Chevrolet had been seen weaving in traffic.
Police observed the vehicle cross onto the shoulder before making a traffic stop, during which the vehicle, driven by a 64-year-old Trenton woman, bumped against the curb.
The officer smelled alcohol and the woman admitted to having had some wine earlier in the day. A check with the Law Enforcement information Network revealed that the woman’s license had been revoked.
The woman failed a series of field sobriety tests, and a breath test revealed a blood-alcohol level of 0.17, more than twice the legal limit for drunken driving in Michigan.
The woman was taken into custody and processed.
(Compiled by James Mitchell, Zeinab Najm and Tereasa Nims.)