What I’m thankful for this holiday season

From the President’s Desk
Jackie Lovejoy
President, Dearborn Area Chamber of Commerce

Quote of the month that has inspired me:
“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, it is the parent of all other virtues”
— Marcus Tillius Cicero

Thanksgiving finally kicked off our holiday season. As the season gets under way, I hope you enjoyed some fun and restorative time. I’ve seen this type of article before, I thought I’d put my spin on it for your enjoyment. Here’s my favorite A to Z of what I’m thankful for this year.

A is for attitude, keeping it positive is my first step each day! B is for bacon, I love it in so many ways. C is for charity, when citizens reach out for help, we always step to the plate.

D is for democracy, the one form of government that has stood the test of
time. E is for evergreens, I love the smell of pine. F is for freedom of speech. The fact that I wrote this column and you’re reading it delights me that we enjoy such latitude in our country.

G is for Gay, my mom, who is a hoot and a great example to me. Despite being shy, she raised three kids very successfully after my dad passed. Golf is a close second, just for the record.

H is Lake Huron, the third largest lake in the world, a short drive from home. I is for the immigrants like my grandfathers who built our families from being door-to-door shoe salesmen, Stroh’s Beer employees and digging the Windsor Tunnel. I also have to add I is for our Intermodal passenger rail station, giving us a super convenient way to Chi-town!

J is for jazz. Our truly American form of musical expression that varies from big band to experimental. Dave Brubeck and Chet Baker are my favorite artists. K is for Klondike, the ice cream bars that can give me brain freeze and make me smile at the same time.

L is for Mr. Lovejoy, and my fabulous married name that’s almost 23 years old this December! M is Morley chocolates a delicious Michigan treat. N is for the neighbors that make life on my street more like a block party. O is for overtures as I sit in any theater, awaiting the start of a show!

P is for the patriotism that keeps us working together despite differing opinions. Q is for the quilt I envision southeast Michigan to be, and how we all fit together. R is for reruns, since I don’t see much prime time.

S is for snowballs, though I had my fill last year. T is for troops. Our troops and their families support us, without hesitation. Remember to thank and support them this season. U is for the ubiquitous friends I have that are always there supporting me!

V is for the variety of people and ideas that make my role at the chamber so interesting every day. W is for Words with Friends, which is keeping my brain sharp and my friends close. X
is for Xochimilco’s, my favorite restaurant that I haunted twice a week for years when I worked as a waitress and delivery girl. Y is for yes, one of my favorite words, which can sometimes get me into trouble!

And finally, we have Z, which stands for zoo. I love the Detroit Zoo, other zoos, and the function they play in education and fun relaxing times with my friends and family. As we kick off this season of thanks and giving, make sure you take the time to stop, smile and restore your soul.