Red cross-branded collection bins placed across metro area

The American Red Cross, Southeastern Michigan Region will benefit from collection bins place throughout southeast Michigan by Midwest Recycling.

The Red Cross will receive quarterly “per pound” donations based on the amount of gently used clothing and shoes left in the bins.

Clean, usable shoes and clothing collected in the Red Cross-branded bins are weighed before they are packaged for shipment to marketplaces and vendors around the world. The Red Cross receives contributions from Midwest Recycling based on the poundage of the items.

“This is a new and unique program for the Red Cross,” said LaForice Nealy, American Red Cross-Michigan COO. “It has been successfully implemented in other parts of the United States and is providing both an opportunity for the community to help the Red Cross while also finding an appropriate place for families to donate their unwanted clothing and shoes.

“We welcome the expertise of Midwest Recycling into the group of companies in our region that support the Red Cross any way they can.”

Information about the location of the bins can be obtained from Midwest Recycling at 313-304-9099 or by emailing owner Abe Hachem at

Bins are being placed around the region on a weekly basis with more than 350 bins placed by year’s end.  The program will operate for at least three years and new locations are being sought.

Retail locations with large parking lots are the best for these placements, so that they are easily visible but not obstructing retail parking. Grocery stores, shopping plazas and gas stations are currently the most frequently used locations.

Business owners who wish to support the program may call 313-304-9099.